On the 25th of April 2015, Nepal suffered an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 killing over 9,000 people and injuring more than 23,000. The devastating consequences of the earthquake left the people of Nepal fearful, discouraged and helpless. For weeks, Nepal stood standstill with schools being closed, hospitals overrun and several homes destroyed.

Through the generous donations, love and warm wishes from the customers, staff, family and loved ones of Kathmandu Inn it was possible to raise £1237.33. No amount is small as with this money we were able to use it to buy school supplies, food, equipment and general necessities for 5 schools in Nepal.

One of the schools we worked closely with was Southwestern State School. This school is being run solely on donations and is dedicated to providing 60 extremely poor, homeless or abandoned children, free education up to grade 4 (food, uniform and transport included). After grade 4, the school takes it upon themselves to send these children to other state schools and pay for that too (accommodation, food, clothes and educational supplies included). The children are faultless and extremely grateful for the education their families cannot provide. We were able to buy this school play facilities (some who had never even played with a ball or a skipping rope), a fridge (to store food for a longer periods of time) and educational supplies.

Kathmandu Inn would like to thank each and every one of their loyal customers (old and new) for their support following the earthquake. Your contribution and well wishes made the world of a difference to many unfortunate children.